Monday, August 5, 2013

Turning 4 & Preschool

Right after we got home from the beach, Papa came to AZ to fly back to Missouri with me and the kids.  Jaafe helped our friends relocate from San Diego to Missouri so I couldn't fly back with all the kids by myself. ;)  Papa hung some wallpaper for me on his short stay (yes, I said wallpaper!)  Of course he let Jaaten help too!

 The boys are getting better at walking in their boots.  They both get so excited when they put those boots on though!  They run around in circles like wild boys....maybe got that from their Dad?  ;))

Finally we make it to KC and boys are READY to run around....tired of sitting I guess!  7.9.13
 Jaaten in Grammie's visor.  7.10.13
 Our sweet friend Brooke and Aunt CC taking boys for a walk!  7.10.13
 Look how much the boys have grown since last summer!!  This picture was taken on 7.24.12 in La Jolla, CA.  It seems like that was so long ago!
 Hudson loves sunglasses these days.  He is watching a movie in the car if you can't tell. ;)  7.20.13
 Jaaten has her swimsuit on from 7a until 7p even on days we don't swim!!  Our day always starts with, "Mom, you want to go swimming today?"....usually about 7a.....EVERYDAY!!!  The three kiddos are starting to get along a LITTLE better.  Jaaten sure bosses them a lot BUT they listen so not sure who is at fault on that. ;))  7.21.13

 July 13th our Pretty Girl turned 4 years old.  We had 3 mini birthdays for her and I have almost no pictures!?!  Not sure what I was thinking.  Jaaten found a 20 minute video on YouTube of a random lady making this type of princess cake and asked me to make one for her.  I think I was so shocked she found the video herself I had to get her one!

Jaaten's Grandma and Grandpa (Jaafe's parents) sent Jaaten money to pick out her own gift for her birthday.  I took Jaaten to the store CERTAIN she would select something related to princesses.  HOWEVER, Jaaten decided to select a Jake and the Neverland Pirates boat.  The boys LOVE Jake!!  I knew it would be a fun time when the boys saw it and she wouldn't let them play with it.  They didn't disappoint!! 7.25.13
 Kids with bath paint 7.26.13
 Everyone loves to lay on Mom and Dad's bed!!  7.27.13
 I got a text from Papa (my Dad) a week or so ago asking if I knew it was National Ice Cream Day and it was unamerican for me to NOT give the kids ice cream that day. LOL!!!  I didn't take the kids to get ice cream that day but Jaaten asked me to take her for ice cream soon after....go figure. 7.28.13
 Kambri is Jaaten's newest little girlfriend.  She is Uncle Joe's girlfriend's daughter.  They come over on Mondays for dinner and swimming.  Hudson already tries to flirt with her!!  7.29.13
 Jaaten found a tattoo kit Grammie must have brought us!  Of course she wanted this glass slipper tattooed on her arm!  7.29.13
 Jaaten started her second year of preschool today.  She was really excited to see her teachers and her friends again.  ;))  She is getting so big so fast!!

Jaafe and I both went to drop her off at her first day of school.  She jumped right back into to it!!  Mrs. Bridgett and Mrs. Susan said she did great today!!  8.5.13