Sunday, October 12, 2014

Getting Back to Our Normal

This picture was taken just an hour or so before Jaaten's accident.  It makes me a little sad to look at it....but I am thankful I have it.  9.16.14
This was Jaaten's first day back to the park with her brothers since falling off her horse.  I guess I kind of kept her in a bubble at home the last few weeks.  They were all glad to get out of the house!  
 She even wanted to ride her bike....ugh!!  ;///  I didn't even have to ASK her to put her helmet on though. ;))
 I was headed to work...and this is the party I was going to miss. My kind of party!!  ;(  10.7.14
 Jaafe has a couple of our horses in a pasture down the street from our house so we pass them when we leave.  Frannie is the most peculiar little pony sometimes.  I can't believe she lets those birds stand on her head!  10.7.14
 I love when they all three play together.  10.8.14

 Jaaten brought my phone to me the other day and said, "I got a picture of Steely for you.  I thought you would want one."  I love her!  10.8.14
 And we ended the week with a BANG!!  Hudson dropped the soap bottle in the sink and it broke out a huge hole in the sink.  Awesome!  Oddly, I laughed.  ;)  Good thing because Hudson already felt so bad.  Bummer!  10.11.14

Saturday, October 11, 2014


Jaafe, the kids and I went up north to Greer, AZ to stay in a friend's cabin and take the kids fishing and get out of the heat last week.  We stopped to get food before we got to the cabin...and this one wanted her picture taken.  She is doing GREAT!  10.2.14

 We went fishing RIGHT when we pulled into Greer.  The kids were SO excited!!

Jaaten was the first one to catch a fish and she was SO proud of herself!!  

 Steel was not impressed with his fish!!  His face is SO funny when he saw that fish bleeding!!

 Hudson did NOT want to touch his fish!  10.2.14
Friday evening we drove from the cabin in Greer to Magdalena, NM to see Cy play in his football game.  The kids had so much fun and were SO excited to see Cy and Dakota. ;)  10.3.14

 Hudson ran FULL speed into the edge of the kitchen table at the cabin we were staying.  He hit that table so hard it clotheslined him at the bridge of his nose and knocked him on his back!!  I'm pretty certain somebody else should maybe take over my parenting job for these kids!!!  Luckily his nose didn't break!!  10.3.14
 This guy!!  On our way home from Greer.  10.4.14

Still in September...

Hudson woke up from his nap and didn't seem totally awake.  I sat down on the floor to talk to him....
 ....and he turned his back to me, hands on hips!!  HA!  9.22.14
Jaaten is doing MUCH better.  This is the incision on 9.24.14.  It still looks pretty crazy but it is getting better every day.  She has been such a trooper!
 Silly girl!  9.24.14
Jaaten's sweet, thoughtful cousins, Libby & Lexi, sent Jaaten this great care package with a Sven (that Jaaten now sleeps with every night), Frozen hair ties, a short story, Frozen socks and a couple other cute things.  So nice!  And of course Jaaten is wearing her Elsa dress when the package arrives.  Thank you girls!!  Jaaten LOVED it!!  9.25.14 
 Jaaten had one day of school left before her two week fall break after her accident.  It was spirit day so she was supposed to wear this silly t-shirt.  ;/  She was really excited to go back school.  All the kids in her class ran over to her asking where she had been and saying they missed her.  She loved it and it made me so happy!  ;))  9.26.14
 So neither of my boys like ANY costumes!!  WTH?!?!?!  
 Hudson absolutely LOVES the library!
 And we still do projects...

 Jaaten went to the dentist last week so I snapped another shot of her cut.  10.1.14
 Brandi baked a cake with the kids back in September but I forgot to post the pics. ;)  9.25.14

 More projects...