Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas & Such

Christmas at Grammie and Papa's was really great, really tiring and totally worth it!!  :)))  These 3 babies had more gifts than they know what to do with....  Thank You Grammie and Papa!!
The boys got ice cream for the first time on Christmas Day.  Hudson (my eater) LOVED it!!!
Steel could have liked it...
Jaaten wanted to go outside to play in the snow with her Papa while it was 25 degrees!!!
Grammie has A LOT of things for the boys to get into as I already mentioned.  Climbing on her footstool made him feel so big!!
My Aunt Cheryl arranged for everyone to meet at the local yogurt shop with her 8 grandkids and my Mom's grandkids a couple days after Christmas.  The boys have never had on big coats so it was funny to see them adjust....ha!!
This is Jaaten antagonizing Hudson to jump on her so she can try to justify whacking him!! He looks tempted but he didn't give in this time!!  He has her number by now!!!
AFTER ice cream, Jaaten wanted to play in the snow again...and of course Papa agreed!!!
And pulled her on the sled!!
The last night we were in town Grammie watched the boys (and asked for reinforcements with Aunt CC and her kiddos...Thank You!!) so Jaafe and I could go to my cousins house so Mama could have a little wine!!  Now that I am posting this I wish I had more pictures of the chaos that was surely Grammie and Papa's house and Mama's wine time.  LOL!!!  Next year!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Santa & Boys' 1st Haircuts

We planned to go to Missouri on Thursday, December 20th.  Once we got everyone packed and up to the airport they cancelled our flight due to snow/ice in Missouri. I was ready to leave the airport and stay in AZ for Christmas.  If Jaafe hadn't insisted we go for Jaaten, we would have stayed in AZ!!  I'm so glad we went....and so was that Little Girl!!
Grammie and Papa's house is FULL of stuff for the boys to get into and BREAK!!  They opened a couple gifts the first day to help keep them entertained.
 We went to see Santa the first day we were there.  We were headed to the mall and my friend Brooke told us about the Bass Pro Santa (Thanks, Brooke!!  xoxo)  It was great!  We did not have to wait long at all with their "pass" system. 
 This is a perfect depiction of my 3 kids.  Hudson is so sweet (he's in the orange), Steel ALWAYS whines (green sweater) and Jaaten never looks at the camera when you ask her!!
Papa asked Jaaten to take a picture with this
 Steel was whining so he had to sit on Dad's lap for a while!!
Grammie had this great ride on fish and horse for the kids.  They ALL loved them!! 
Hudson ;)))))
So the boys DEFINITELY needed a haircut.  I thought it was really just Steel but now looking at the before and after pictures Hudson was in need too!!!!  I'm not certain if Jaafe disliked it more when people thought we had boy and girl twins or when I would pull Steel's hair back in a ponytail to keep the hair out of his eyes. LOL...
One of my sisters from another mister owns a hair salon in Kansas City.  We took the boys to her salon on Christmas Eve so she could cut their hair.  Thanks, Nat!  We love you, Girl!! 
Steel 12.24.12
Hudson 12.24.12
Grammie loved the boys' haircuts too!!