Saturday, June 3, 2017

LAST DAY....School is FINALLY out!

The school calendar for Chandler Schools this year was a bit frustrating.....but summer is here now!!  The kids had Monday off for Memorial Day but then had to go back to school on Tuesday and a half day on Wednesday.  If that isn't bad planning in itself, WEDNESDAY WAS A MOVIE AND POPCORN DAY and the last half day was spent watching 6th graders play kickball against staff and eating donut holes.  Hmmmmmm....I think every family would have rather started summer with the Friday before Memorial Day. Aside from the schedule, this year has flown by and all my babies are big now. ;/// All three kids grew so much this year! 
Jaaten had more playdates then probably most of her friends combined.  She asked to have a friend over every weekend, usually both days.  She asked to take a friend everywhere we went like Val Vista Lakes beach, waterpark, Earth Day Lady bug release and the list goes on.  Jaaten also started watching non-animated shows on Disney like Bunk'd.  I swear she is going on 15 already.  She also became really interested in gymnastics and tumbling this year and has improved so much already!  She takes 4 classes a week right now and LOVES it.  Jaaten is a sweet, thoughtful, loving, caring, smart, hardworking little person!  She received an award for the most AR (accelerated reading) books ready for her class this year too.  We are so proud of her!
Hudson is doing awesome!!  Hudson has become so much more empathic and so sweet to his friends at school.  Hudson's vocabulary, speech and comprehension has improved SO much this year.  He can communicate so much better and as a result does not get frustrated nearly as much as he used to.  Hudson is a smart little dude and picks up things quick.  The boys both played tball on the same team in both fall and spring this year.  That was lots of fun!
Steel is following right in Jaaten's footsteps in so many ways.  Steel wants to watch what Jaaten watches, do what Jaaten does, play with her friends when they are over and it just never ends.  Both of the boys absolutely adore Jaaten but Steel is usually the one that can be talked into doing whatever she is wants. ;)) Steel loves to go to the park everyday after school with all their friends from their class.  Hudson wanted to go about half the time. ;))  Mrs. Brown and Mrs. C were the sweetest teachers for the boys too. 
Great year for everyone...but YAY summer!  5.31.17

  Dropped Hudson and Steel first....with their friends Micah and Allie. 5.31.17
 Jaaten's class took this "We are Second Graders" picture.  So cute!

First day of summer, the boys crawl in the truck with their Dad and our dear friend Ric Senior at 3a....Lake Winnebago bound. They were out even when the sun came up!  6.1.16

First day of summer....just me and the girl now!  New suits, headed to Uncle Joe and Aunt Kim's beach (AKA Val Vista Lakes community pool). 6.1.17

Jaaten drew this picture of our family riding horses and wanted it on the blog!  6.1.17
I had this picture made for Jaafe's 40th birthday party and asked everyone who came to sign it.  I got this awesome frame for it the other day.  Only took me four years to get this gem framed!  I can't tell you how much brain space I used over those years telling myself to get it done. ;///  Checked off the list though. ;)

Jaaten is the sweetest, always offering to help me, her friends or anyone else who needs it.  I love that about her!  She started making the bed with Esperanza the other day and asked if she needed some help. ;)  So cute!  Growing up! 6.2.17
How cute is this girl!!!  Jaaten's first day with just her and Kayla.  They went to Kayla's for a bit, Kayla did her hair, played with Blue and then got to have a friend over.  Great day for this girl! 6.2.17

It's Almost Over!

Jaaten's class celebrated their teacher, Mrs. Chavez's, birthday just before the end of the year.  The kids wore purple because it is Mrs. Chavez's favorite color.  They had party hats, blowers and cupcakes.  So cute!  Jaaten loves Mrs. Chavez so she was SUPER excited for this day. ;)  5.8.17
This was a few days before the last day of school.  5.24.17

I love having days off during the week that I have been able to spend with my little dudes when they get out of school at 11a.  I'm going to miss this next year when they are in school full time.  Maybe time for a M-F job!!  Steel loves these magnets! 5.24.31

The boys have this cute friend from school named Allie.  She spent the afternoon with us last week.  She just loves these two boys and is super nice to them.  5.25.17

Are these kids excited or WHAT?!?!  This isn't even the last day of school!  It is the Friday before they get our on Wednesday.  It was their last Friday though I guess.  It was crazy sock day for Jaaten.  The boys' teacher asked everyone in their class to wear this HUGE Class of 2030 shirt.  ;/  It was funny when Jaafe and I saw the "Class of 2030" printed on the's almost like we didn't register that would be when Hudson and Steel would graduate high school.  And then YEP, they will graduate in 2030.  Sheesh!  5.26.17

Mrs. C and Mrs. Brown with Hudson.  5.26.17

Mrs. C and Mrs. Brown with Steel.  5.26.17

A little boy from Hudson and Steel's class had an end of the year pool party.  The boys loved it!  5.26.17

All the kids with summer birthdays were able to bring treats for the class like the kids do during the year.  Jaaten was so excited for her class to sign to her!  Haha! 5.25.17

Kayla picked these two handsome boys up after their second to last day of school.  She took them to The Soda Shop to get a treat before they went to see Kayla and TJ's (Kayla's hubby) new house.  The boys LOVE Kayla so much and they were SO excited to see where her and TJ are going to live now.  SO CUTE!! 5.31.17

And Kayla said they were really proud of themselves for helping put together her new shoe rack. ;)