Sunday, December 28, 2014

Kellis Kids 2014

I had a last minute mini session taken of just the kids this year with my friend and photographer, Jackie.  She got some really great pictures this year!

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

We stayed in Arizona this year for Christmas.  I was actually quite sad about it but we ended up have a great time!  Our sweet friends, Matt and Rebecca, invited us over for their annual Christmas Eve pajama party to eat and make gingerbread houses.  They have three boys that our kids love to play with AND another family was there with their two boys also.  Jaaten was the only girl but I think she had the MOST fun!  She spent most of the night playing FOOTBALL with the two oldest boys!!  Ugh...this girl of mine is tough!  It took my kids about 10 minutes to pull apart the playroom!  ;/  12.24.14

Santa made it!!  We didn't get home from the pj party until almost 10:30p on Chistmas Eve and all three kids needed baths.  SOOOOO Santa came really late and was REALLY tired!  12.25.14
 But of course....always worth it!
 Hudson was a little grouchy Christmas morning.  I kinda don't blame him.  I felt like sitting down for a minute too!!

 Obsessed with the fishin' game though!
 Jaaten asked Santa for My Little Ponies this year.  Specifically she asked for "a LOT of My Little Ponies".  I guess the ponies needed their castle too.; )  

 Steel's fave gift was the dinosaur (shocking!) and the ship!
 This is what I got for a smile from the boys on Christmas Day....
 And THIS is what I got from the girl!!  She is 5 and already giving me Duck Lips!!  I have never in my life posed with Duck Lips....not sure where she got it!  But this can't be good. ;))

 We had to ride the Christmas train at least once this year!