Thursday, November 14, 2013

Parks and Cuts

We are moving right along through November.  Brandi had the kids making corn stalk crafts this month. ;)  11.3.13

 Hudson, Jaaten, Steel 11.3.13
 Still loving this park weather....11.4.13

Another park and coloring day... 11.6.13

 Love this kid!!
 Jaafe was out of town for a few days so I asked each of the kids to smile for a picture to send to Dad.  Jaaten was a little ruffled Jaafe had been gone this time so no smile from her. ;(  11.6.13

 This has to be the cutest picture I have gotten of these boys.  They were sitting on this rock kicking rocks.  Love!!  11.7.13

 My girlfriend Julia came over to have a glass of wine one of the nights Jaafe was gone.  Of course I have to feed the horses and ponies while he is gone so Julia wanted to come back to the barn with me.  I'm not sure I have seen someone so excited to see horses!!  She wanted proof she was there I guess. ;))  11.7.13
 Last Sunday Hudson hit Jaaten in the head with a toy at 8:30a.  The cut wasn't huge but it bled a ton and it looked like it might need a stitch.  We went to urgent care and sure enough we needed a single stitch.  Jaaten was so good!  This Mama turned a little pale when they started to stitch but Jaaten was great!  I told her we needed to send a picture to her Papa because he was worried about her and she gave a thumbs up. Love this girl! 11.10.13

 Anyone that even kind of knows me KNOWS I do not like loud noises (of any kind), large crowds (especially drunk ones) or traffic.  So my dear husband asks me to go to NASCAR with him and a couple of our friends that were in town.  Awesome!  I had a moment of panic by lap 60 of the 312 laps.  I made it through....but I most likely will never be back....and these pictures are why!

 Hudson and Steel are getting so big.  They sit on this step behind me when I am blow drying my hair in the morning.  Jaaten used to do the same thing....already feeling the time starting to tick away.  ;(  11.11.13
 Brandi used one of those bun roller things in Jaatens hair.  So cute!  11.11.13
 These three!  11.11.13
 Okay so the boys' hair is a little long!  Haircuts at the bottom of this post!  11.11.13
 Christmas Tree up....CHECK!  11.13.13
 I met this really sweet girl at work and come to find out she is a stylist...and she comes to your house...AND SHE MOSTLY DOES KIDS!!  I'm fairly convinced that my kids are the loudest ever (example of not liking loud noises) and I am the biggest chicken ever to continue the loudness in public (example of not liking crowds).  I believe this girl has been sent to my boys do not look homeless!!  ;)))  I just had her clean up what they had instead of going really short this time.  I love it.  11.13.13

 This little boy just turned 6!  Travis is the son of some dear friends of ours and he happens to love Jaaten.  And Jaaten loves Travis.  This is the best picture I could get out of Jaaten tonight with the birthday boy. ;))  The picture below is of Jaaten and Travis two years ago.  So cute!  11.14.13

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

Just as I suspected, these boys LOVE Jaaten's new bed!!  If there is ever a moment of silence in our house I know where to find these two!  Papa spent half a day making and paint a gate with a latch lock on the stairs.  The first time the boys saw Jaaten unlock the gate it was useless!  HA!!  10.17.13

Jaaten is always her happiest with THIS CHICKEN!!  10.18.13
 Steel wanted to watch Toy Story in the wagon.  He is such a trip!  10.20.13

This was our Halloween costume this year for our friend's party...yes I got it off Pinterest!  Jaafe made it.  Great costume for standing still...not really mobile though. ;)  10.19.13

I love my friends!!  My girlfriend Jen is pregnant with her first boy!!  This shirt made me wish I would have been pregnant during Halloween...when I was pregnant....not again!  Just to be clear...
 These are our sweet nieces Brekyn, Mataya and Laynie!  They moved to OK and we have not seen them for what seems like forever!!  So cute!!  Love you girls!
Jaaten wanted to be Aurora this year....WITH A WIG!!  Oh my!  10.20.13

 Hudson and Steel at Jaaten's carnival.  10.25.13
 Jaaten, Steel and Hudson making spiders for Halloween.  Brandi is the best!!  10.22.13

 The kids loved carving a pumpkin this year.  10.24.13
 Monkey see....
 Monkey DO!!

 More projects....making a witch.  10.26.13

 Playing out back.  10.26.13
 Between Papa and Brandi my kids get enough ice cream to merit buying our own dairy cow!!

 They LOVE the park.  10.28.13

 Jaaten baking in apron Grammie brought her.  10.29.13

This was Halloween night!  My boys screamed every time I tried to put a costume on them!  Hence, NO COSTUME!  10.31.13
 We bought a gingerbread house kit for all the kids to put together.  Boys were not interested!!  This was the picture on the box...
This is Jaaten's version....I think I like hers better. ;))  11.2.13

TODAY (11.2.13) at the park, doing a project and our backyard.

 Steel does WHATEVER Jaaten wants him to.....poor kid!!