Friday, May 27, 2011

Pregnant with Twins & Disneyland!!

Jaafe and I took Jaaten to Disneyland Sunday-Wednesday this week! This was how our trip ended....ONE TIRED BABY GIRL!! Flash forward to now.....this is me as of today! Most of you already know Jaafe and I are expecting twin boys in September! Oh yes, not until September and my belly is BIG!!

Let's back up to before we left for Disneyland. Friday before we left for Cali, we took Jaaten to Peter Piper for a birthday party! We left RIGHT after I got home from work Friday so Abbey had her Party-Ready! ;) Abbey is the best!

Leaving Peter Piper was as sad fro Jaaten as it was exciting to get there!


The lobby of the Disneyland hotel we stayed in had these cute rockers for kids to sit in and watch cartoons while we checked in. Jaaten moved right in on it!! She spotted all the other kids in those chairs RIGHT when we walked in!

The first night we went to the park to watch the fireworks. This was my first trip to Disneyland so I was really surprised how miniature it is compared to Disney World. You can barely see the castle back there in the distance. The fireworks show was great though!

YES, I rented a motorized scooter!! Ha....I got teased and laughed at by some friends and FAMILY but it was the best thing EVER!! Not only did I NOT get swollen ankles over the 3 day trip but we got to the front of the line with this thing on every ride!!

I would have NEVER gone to Disneyland 6 months pregnant with twins just for the heck of it. The reason we went to Disneyland was to meet up with one of my very best girlfriends and her family. Their Little Guy, Owen, got a Wish from the Make A Wish Foundation. Disneyland was his Wish. Jaafe and I were really glad they included us. The first morning we met up with their whole group at Goofy's Kitchen for a character breakfast. Disney characters came around to the tables as we ate. The kids LOVED it!

Our first ride in Disneyland was It's A Small World. The Girl LOVED it!

This was still the first day but in the afternoon AFTER a nap.

Jaaten really liked Mickey Mouse....and his nose....

Jaaten was so excited to get on the train. This was her waiting for the train to pick us up.

The Teacups were definitely the FAVORITE ride! She had a HUGE smile on her face the whole time!

All 8 of us are sitting in this cage on a train which Jaaten also loved.

We took her up in a treehouse in Toon Town too.

Mickey Mouse's House

Jaafe took Jaaten and Noah for a ride on the scooter. Noah was really sweet, Jaaten was a little ruffled.

Jaaten was ABSOLUTELY pooped at the end of every day. This was her watching Toy Story 3 for the 10th time with her Daddy on our last night in the hotel.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mama's Day & Videos

On Mother's Day, Joe and Kensey (Jaafe's brother & sister), came over with their families to grill with us. It was a great way to celebrate Mother's Day!! Abbey brought a platter of strawberries and chocolate to dip them in. It was a hit for the girls. They loved it!!

Jaaten & Jaafe got me red roses, a card and balloons....the whole deal. It was great!

Jaaten loves this crocodile Abbey got her!

Both of these videos are funny! Jaaten thought it was great to feed Ruger her goldfish crackers and she is SO brave in the pool already this summer!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Summer is here!

These are a few pictures taken over the Easter weekend at my parents' house and the plane ride back. This is Jaaten after the big Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday. Jaafe seemed to get really good pictures of Jaaten eating her sucker to help her ears popping AND sucking her toe on the plane ride home.....UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!

Jaafe was over at our friends, Jimmy & Shelly's, house this past Sunday. Pooooooor little kitten!!

This was Jaaten on Sunday AFTER the kitten....worn out! Ready for a nap!

Jaaten is officially my Little Water Baby......just like I wished for. She has been swimming most days this past week. EVEN going down the big slide by herself!!!

We went to Costco Monday and left with this HUGE bear!! Truth be told, it is for the boys' room but Jaaten thinks he is hers, of course!! Right when we got home, she wanted to sit by him and show him the cheese she got at Costco.....Ha!!

This was the following morning. She wanted The Bear in the greatroom to watch cartoons with her!

More pool pics......

Bath time after the pool.....Abbey was folding some newly washed beach towels next to the tub while Jaaten was in the bath. She pulled one of the folded towels right in that water and said "Oh No!" like she was sorry.....right!

Abbey has been making smoothie popsicles for Jaaten this week too. Of course she loves them!

This alligator raft has been a hit this week and was also donated to our house of toys by Abbey! They have been going outside in the afternoons with the smoothie pops in a diaper to eat them. Perfect!