Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gymnastics & Cows

After we came back from Missouri for Christmas, Jaaten wanted to take a gymnastics class.  My friends from junior high, TJ and Brigitte, have a gymnastics gym in Lees Summit.  TJ was nice enough to meet us there with the kids and Jaaten go hooked!!  We tried our first class week.  Jaaten was really excited!  After the class the coach told me Jaaten really didn't do a lot of gymnastics....she danced and looked at herself in the mirror.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised. ;/

 Do these kids love this trampoline or what?!  This is a great picture of Hudson...

 But I think this picture of Hudson is even better!
 TWINS....and Brandi loves to dress them alike!  ;/

Most of you know our home is located right next door to not one but TWO pretty large dairy farms.  I was SUPER excited to find out one of them has sold to a home builder and the cows will be gone by summer!!  I don't think Jaafe equally shares my excitement.  When Jaafe found out the dairy sold he asked the neighbor if we could take the kids there to see the cows being milked before it was gone.  I think the kids liked it....I however may never drink milk again.  1.26.14

 Hudson just stared at the cows being milked without saying a word the entire time we were inside the dairy house.
 And so did Steel...

 Jaaten wanted to dance.  Go figure!

 Another day outside!  1.27.14

 Brandi text me while I was at work the other day to let me know Hudson was sitting in the hall staring at these pictures of our family for several minutes.  Funny kid this one!  1.27.14
Jaaten hasn't quite figured out the "sitting like a lady thing" so until then...tights under dresses it is!  I had JUST bought these footless tights and this is how Jaaten came home from school.  Ms. Dessie said Jaaten just scratched at them until the tore.... WTH!?!?!

 These kids of mine LOVE smoothies! 1.28.14

And the chicken saga continues...

It is really nice out today!  The littles wanted to play outside after lunch.  Actually Jaaten just wanted Hudson and Steel to come out so she could boss them into sitting in these chairs while she "served" them plastic food that she wanted them to pretend to eat.  And they did it!  Poor boys!  1.29.14

Saturday, January 25, 2014

We are Still Outside EVERY day...

The days seem to blend together lately...Steel and Jaaten are attached at the HIP lately!
 I had to drag the boys to Jaaten's dance class last week.  Toy Story works every time. ;)
 The trampoline is still a hit so far!

 Jaaten is getting so good at writing her name!

 We spent the morning with the chicken, the pony and the dirt on Thursday.  The kids absolutely loved it.  The dirtiness made me cringe a little. 1.16.14