Sunday, July 23, 2017

Jaaten's 8th Birthday Party

This was the first year we gave Jaaten the option to have her party while we were at the lake in MO or in AZ with her school friends.  I was secretly hoping she wanted to just have a party in Missouri....but no luck with that. ;)  It was actually really great though.  We invited just a few girls this year.  We went to FlipSide for in the morning and swam with mermaids in the afternoon.  Pretty fun filled day for this girl!  She is growing up so fast!! ;/ 7.22.17

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  1. Jaaten's 8th Birthday Party looks brilliant. I am so glad to find this interesting post. Our son’s 14th birthday is coming in a week and we have planned a surprise X men themed bash for him at some local venues in Chicago. Hope everything goes as planned.