Friday, July 21, 2017

Summer at the Lake 2017 Round 3

Jaaten asked for a mermaid tail for her birthday.  SOOOOO we give it to her a couple days early so she can try it out but she didn't want to get it dirty in the lake.  OMG!!!   7.9.17
 The paddle boat!!  Wow!  Our friends down the way at the lake had this paddle boat growing up.  Their parents just brought it to them to have for their kiddos.  So awesome!  We all loved it! 7.10.17

 Little evening fishing off our dock brought this catfish for Steel.  He was SO excited to get the biggest fish this summer! 7.10.17

Mom and the boys loving this hammock at our friend Jim and Sharon's dock! 7.11.17

HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY, Pretty Girl!  We all love you to the moon!  You keep this family on our toes. ;)  7.13.17  We went to Grammie and Papa's house for a little family birthday celebration in the morning.  Jaaten wanted to swim in their pool with her new mermaid tail too! HA! 

Someone lost a front tooth while we were at the lake....AND was SO EXCITED!!  7.15.17

Last night we were at the lake, this guy made it on to our patio!  Scared the pee out of me! AGH!!  7.14.17

Jaafe and the boys made the long drive back to AZ together.  They stopped in Yukon, OK for some cousin fun!  Soap on a trampoline = BEST FUN EVER! 7.15.17

Hudson singing Call Me Maybe....wish the video worked....funniest thing ever! 7.15.17 
She is getting so big!!  We came home to this big palomino baby....with no name. ;/ 

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