Monday, July 17, 2017

Last Day in AZ!

It has been so fun with just me and the girl for the few days the boys have been at the lake with Jaafe.  It is the funniest thing to me to look at my phone and see random SnapChat videos Jaaten has made and saved to my phone.  HAHAHA!  

I got this sweet text about Jaaten from Kayla the day before we were leaving for Missouri. Kayla took Jaaten to swim at Uncle Joe and Aunt Kim's Beach one day while I was at work. ;)  6.3.17

 And the next day they did facials and pedicures. ;) 6.4.17
 This baby horse is getting big on us and she doesn't have a name yet! 6.4.17
Last day before we are headed to the lake to meet Jaafe and the boys.  Jaaten had a birthday party at her friend Kendall's house.  Such a cute idea....girls all got stuffed puppies, named them, made birth certs for their puppy and made them a house.  SO CUTE!! 6.6.17

The boys already made it to Grammie and Papa's for new toys and to on the boat before we got there!  6.3.17

 Steel and Braxton 6.3.17

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