Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Summer at the Lake 2017 Round 1

Jaaten and I are finally headed to the lake to meet our boys!  6.7.17

First faces to see at the lake...Merrick, Steel and Braxton 6.8.17

These two in Grammie's chair. ;) 6.9.17
Lake Day! 6.10.17

 Our sweet niece Brekyn joins us at the lake. ;)
Lake Day turns into Fishing Day 6.10.17

 Love how close these two boys are...love when they lounge together. ;)  6.10.17

This one and her strawberries! 6.12.17
   More lake fun...this is the first year the boys would even GET IN the lake!!  6.12.17

  Now we can't get them out!  6.13.17

Love 6.13.15

 Braxton came over to play...getting his lesson in for having a sister. ;) 6.15.17

  Grammie always finds the best toys for these kids...Steel thought this was the coolest robot ever! 6.17.18
So we have two rooms in the house set up to watch movies on good sized tvs on the wall....and all three kids set up shop in the middle of the kitchen on the smallest DVD player ever to watch a movie.  LOL! 
I buy this cute mint green chair for Jaaten for her room and it ends up in the kitchen... 6.17.17
 With two boys in it...
HAPPY FATHER"S DAY to Jaafe and Papa!
Steel making his Father's Day sign. ;)  6.18.17
 All three kids making a sign for Papa!

Spent the day at the house grilling and fishing and celebrating these two men in my life. ;)

 Happiest of Father's Days to you, Dad!  We are lucky to have you!  Love you!
Ended with fishing on the dock...Steel playing with the worms and "setting free" a couple of the worms too.  LOL!

Our cove is so awesome for fishing.  Usually the kids catch fish faster than we can get them off the hook and re-worm the line for them.

Here's Hudson waiting patiently with his line in the water...

He's SO excited to get a fish with this big ole cheesy grin.... 

 And then he catches this good sized catfish and almost falls off the dock he is so scared of it!!  HAHAHAHAHA!
Pretty proud Mom and Dad over here....she worms her own hooks!  Great Father's Day 2017 for the Kellis Family!!!
Last day at the lake for Jaafe and I for a couple weeks....we cleaned out the bottom garage the day we were leaving for AZ to work for a couple weeks.  The kids set up outside with us to play.  Love them .;) 6.20.17

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