Sunday, July 23, 2017

Summer is Almost Over

Summer is almost over!  Kayla took the kids to Bounce you before they start school!  Hudson loves that place!  7.18.17
 We had to get all the teeth checked before school too!  This was the first time I took all three kids at the same time and I stayed in the waiting room.  The kids were MUCH better when I wasn't there! 7.19.17

Jaaten's sweet friend, Gavin, and his brother and sister came over to swim this week.  Melanie, their mom, and I met while I was selling homes a few years ago and we kept in touch.  Jaaten and Gavin went to preschool together and then were in the same class in first grade too.  Such a sweet family! 7.19.17  

Meet the teacher night!  Jaaten was really looking forward to meeting her teacher this year.  Quite a few of Jaaten's girlfriends are in another class so she was a little bummed.  Once she met her new teacher she was SUPER happy though.  Mrs. Pena is so sweet and we think it is going to be a great year!

THEN we went to Hudson's class to meet his KINDERGARTEN teacher (insert crying emoji face here).  I didn't think I would be as overwhelmed as I am but I know the boys will do just fine this year.  Mrs. Manmano is Hudson's new teacher and she is amazing!  Mrs. Manmano just had her second baby though so she is on maternity leave until September.  Mrs. Hunt will be filling in until then and she seems awesome too!

Steel got Mrs. Walker for kindergarten which was also Jaaten's kindergarten teacher.  Yay!

Steel tried to talk Kayla into wearing his new tennis shoes to Urban Jungle on Friday.  Urban Jungle is an indoor games/attractions place in Mesa.  Three of the boys' friends from preschool were going and Jaaten got to bring a friend.  Shoes sure to get ruined.  Ha!  I said ok though. ;/  Steel loves a new pair of shoes!! 7.21.17

Allie and Hudson

Kendall and Jaaten

Hudson just started wearing goggles this summer....funniest thing ever!

And Steel ;)

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