Friday, July 21, 2017

Summer at the Lake 2017 Round 2

Jaafe and I went back to AZ for a couple weeks to work and the kids stayed with Grammie and Papa's.  We have done this in previous years but the kids were smaller.  This year seemed to be the hardest for everyone.  The boys had a harder time than Jaaten and I didn't do well at all.  Ha!  They had fun with Grammie and Papa though.  They swam, played mini golf, went to Kaleidoscope, saw a movie, stayed up as late as they wanted and ate almost whatever they wanted.  Life is good at Grammie and Papa's house!

Jaafe and I got back to the lake on July 1st late night.  July 2nd we had a full day.  Our sweet neighbor Luke had a birthday party....then we brought the water slide/bounce house across the street fro the rest of the afternoon.  SO MUCH FUN!

4th of July doubled as donut day since we missed it Sunday. ;)  Biggest donut ever! 7.4.17

The morning of the 4th was rainy for the ski show and kiddo activities at the club but turned out fun. ;)

Temp tattoos!

Potato sack races....LOL....Jaaten won second place.  She was so mad!  LOL!

We didn't find a turtle for the turtle races this year and Steel was so bummed!  He was so happy to hold this turtle after the races though!

Fireworks at Grammie and Papa's is always a favorite for the kids.  It makes me nuts! 


Love this boy!  Nighttime boat ride to watch the fireworks at the dam. Love!

Our sweet friend Jess came to the lake for a week this year!  The kids absolutely love her and we always love to have her. ;)  Too bad the kids woke her up EVERY morning and wanted her to make SnapChat videos. HAHAHA!  She is such a good sport!

Daytime pontoon ride with Papa. ;) Heart content. ;)  7.6.17

We went out ONE night the whole time we were in Missouri!  Life at the lake is a little better than the bar!  ;)))  7.8.17

Extra Large beer pong game turns into a turtle house. ;/  7.9.17

Jaaten and these glasses!  Grammie found these gems....shocker!

Animal LOVER!  I thought he was going to squeeze the life out of this little frog!  Ha!

My long time friend Zach and his awesome wife Katie brought their kiddos to the lake!  What troopers they are!  The packed up FOUR kiddos (including a new baby) and brought them out to play!  LOVE!  7.9.17

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